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The Game Has Changed

It's not business as usual any more. Businesses today are discovering that traditional marketing techniques that worked flawlessly for decades are no longer reaching their desired target markets. Print, TV, radio, direct mail, websites and email campaigns that were the vehicle that delivered the message, are now just a part of the strategies of the game.The game-changers are consumers who speak loud and clear about their experiences, influence their friends and are no longer just the audience, but an integral part of the conversation. If businesses want to tie in the game and enjoy a win-win situation, they have to be part of that conversation as well. This is how the game is played today.

Why Use Social Media?

Social networking is not for kids anymore. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are where your customers hang out these days and where you should be hanging out, too.

Baby Boomers--the fastest growing segment of the population embracing social media--have learned from their kids that this type of communication really works: it rekindles old friendships, maintains current ones, and connects people with new like-minded friends. As a "network," they talk, ask, are informed, comment, answer, are influenced and influence others. Networkers are savvy buyers who make their buying decisions based not only on the merit of the product or service, but also on what others have to say about it. It's all about the conversation.

Why Explore Location Based Marketing?

Google, Yelp, Bing and Yahoo among others give businesses the opportunity to boast about themselves in a way a phone book never could. Businesses can add details online that potential customers would never know otherwise. Businesses can enhance their listings with pictures and videos and optimize for the search engines. Fresh content and coupons can be added to make sure the best image is put forth. Businesses make themselves transparent and accountable by allowing customers and clients review their experience, which,in turn, gives business owners invaluable feedback and the opportunity to give their clientele even a better experience.

Why Go Mobile?

Imagine customers wanting to hear your message by choice: your offers, your tips, being reminded of appointments, reservations, upcoming maintenance services, celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries and receiving coupons. Imagine reaching them wherever they might be and getting an open rate of over 80%? If your customers want to communicate via their cell phones, can they be denied that right? The future is now.

Why Putting It All Together Works?

Because It's not business as usual. To be visible and succeed in today's marketplace, businesses must choose and implement marketing plans that engage their customers and use tools that enable them to communicate effectively. It's no longer a question or an option, or something businesses just are not sure about doing. It's the way business is conducted today. Let us help you in your marketing journey. We can design a visibility solution for that is both realistic and cost effective and puts you on the map. You'll be amazed at the results.