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Social Marketing Business Solutions Reminds You How to Spot an Email Scam

June 15th, 2012 by admin

Social Marketing Business Solutions Reminds You How to Spot an Email Scam

With Email scams now showing up on Facebook we thought it might not hurt to remind you how to spot an email scam whether it shows up in your Facebook message box, or your email inbox.  Read on to find 5 easy tips to help you navigate your inbox.

  1. Personal Information – Legitimate companies will not ask you to give them personal information via email.  It is one of the most common methods for getting your information for scammers
  2. Email Attachments – be very careful of links and attachments that you are not expecting.  Beware of attachments ending with .pif or .scr, as these are always scams.
  3. Sweepstakes – unless you remember physically entering your name in a sweepstake, these are usually scams.
  4. Website Links – always go to the website yourself to make sure that you are not being re-directed to a fake site.
  5. Spelling and Grammatical Errors – although no one is perfect, usually a company will make sure that its communication is free of grammar and spelling errors.

At Social Marketing Business Solutions we work hard to keep your Social Media Campaigns and Newsletters scam free.  Contact us to help you with designing an email marketing campaign that your customers look forward to opening.

Email Marketing Campaigns

May 24th, 2012 by admin

Email Marketing 101 from Social Marketing Business SolutionsIt’s Monday morning and you open your email inbox after a weekend of not checking it.  You discover to your horror that there are now over 100 emails waiting for you to read.  You start by deleting all the marketing emails.  Stop.  You send out marketing emails.  How do you make sure that your emails are not in the list of Automatic deletes on Monday morning?  Welcome to Email Marketing 101 from Social Marketing Business Solutions.

Where we used to stop by our trash can when coming in from the mailbox to get rid of all the ‘flyers’ we received in the mail, now we find them in our in-box.  So the question becomes how do you make your marketing email stand out from the rest?  What do you offer or say that will compel your customers to open, read, and respond to your email instead of deleting it?  Social Marketing Business Solutions has consolidated a list of tips from several top marketing gurus.

  1. Subject Line – The first thing your customer will see is your subject line.
    1. Make sure that it is compelling enough to induce them to open the email.
    2. Be careful to be honest in your statements in the subject line.
    3. Make it short and sweet.
    4. Make it informative.
  2. Personalize – Use their name in the greeting.  It is easy to have your customers become ‘just another number’.  Make sure to personalize your emails so they will feel that you are talking to them and not just to the masses.
  3. Content – We can never emphasize enough the importance of the content in your marketing email.  What service/product are you going to emphasize in your email?  Make sure it is in the first paragraph.
  4. Frequency – Don’t overwhelm your customers with daily emails.  We are all busy. Give them the option to choose how often and when they want to receive an email from your company.
  5. Call to action – Give your customers a reason to respond and then tell them how to respond.  Most people appreciate straight forward offers and suggestions of how to follow up on your email.

One of the best ways to implement all these steps is by using a dedicated email marketing program.  There are many out there that offer good programs.  Contact us via our Facebook page or leave a comment below, and let us help you set up an email marketing campaign that will work for you and your customers.