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Intelligent, Location-Based Marketing

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One Goal...

Our goal is to increase brand awareness and overall visibility for our clients. No two scenarios are alike, so we take pride in designing a campaign that matches our client's specific needs by:

Reviewing and assessing the client's existing marketing campaigns and strategic marketing goals
Designing and implementing intelligent social-based campaigns to address client's marketing goals
Maintaining social-based campaigns

Endless Options...

The following options will be considered, but are not limited to, for the design and implementation of intelligent social-based campaigns:

Brand Identity Development Strategy
Logo, Branding, PR campaigns, Brand/Identity Reputation Management, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, LinkedIn, Squidoo Lens, Hub Pages, Digg, Twitpic, Flickr, etc.
Location-Based Marketing Strategy
Google Maps, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, CitySearch, Brand/Identity Reputation Management
Mobile Marketing Strategy
SMS/Text Campaigns, Mobile Websites, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Loyalty Campaigns, Mobile Reminder Campaigns, Event Promotion, Proximity/Bluetooth Advertising, 2D/QR Barcodes, Mobile Apps
Online Marketing Strategy
Website, Blog, E-Blast/E-Mail Campaigns, Surveys, Polls, Lead Generation Campaigns
Offline Marketing Strategy
Direct mail, collateral advertising material, coupons, ads